Title Search NSW

NSW Land Title Search

If you’re looking for information relating to a land title in NSW, we can help. We offer trusted land title and lot number search NSW services that help our clients get the information they need quickly and easily.

Our NSW property title search service is very easy to use. To conduct a NSW property search, all they have to do is type in the title reference number or the property address. After this, all available information we’ve sourced from the NSW government’s Land Registry Services will appear, telling you everything you want to know about the property. It really is that simple!

What Our NSW Land Title Search Service Will Provide:

  • Title reference number
  • Up-to-date ownership details with full name of current owner
  • Description of the land and estate
  • Certificate of Title details (if applicable)
  • Information pertaining to mortgages, caveats or encumbrances on the title (if applicable)
  • Planning applications
  • Other information

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An online property title search can give you all the information you need regarding any property in the country. Get in touch with us today if you require any assistance.