Property Title Search

There are multiple factors that can affect the value of a property. Conducting a title search for property is strongly recommended if you’re considering buying a property, helping to minimise any risk involved by providing you with a better understanding of any debts for the land or any restrictions as to how the land can be used. This knowledge can help you make an informed decision before proceeding.

Our property title search services (also commonly referred to as property ownership search and house title search services) are available for properties right across Australia, providing invaluable peace of mind. We can also assist with reverse title search services. All our clients have to do is enter the address or title reference number into our search engine to acquire a Certificate of Title and all other available information regarding the property.

What a Property Title Search Includes:

  • Current property ownership details with the owner’s full name
  • Volume and folio or title reference number
  • Title caveat information (if applicable)
  • Details pertaining to any unregistered dealings
  • Survey plan number and type
  • Details about relevant encumbrances and notifications
  • Mortgage details (if applicable)
  • Planning applications (if applicable)

It is important to include the plan with your land title search.

The certificate of title is one of the most important documents regarding land as it clarifies ownership details and indicates other important information.  The plan associated with the title is a separate document and in most cases it is essential to secure a copy of the plan because it will clearly establish the property boundaries and indicate the location of any easements or restrictions that apply to the land.

The plan indicates the section of the land that can be developed clear of any restrictions on the title.  It is a legal document that can be relied on in any dispute regarding the extent of the land.  The plan must be presented in any transactions related to the land and in most cases, it is advisable for the plan to be included in any title search.

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